Are you planning to renovate the interior design of your home? Whether in Outremont, Westmount or Mount Royal for a high-end residential project, we recommend that you call on a professional interior designer like moodesign for your project in order to benefit from many interesting advantages such as


Have recourse to all the expertise of an interior designer in order to design a project that meets your needs and expectations

Designing a high-end residential renovation project can be complicated. Here are the advantages of hiring a professional interior designer.

The interior designer will be able to identify and establish all your essential needs and make the right choices accordingly, taking into account the desired result

During your first meeting, a professional interior designer will ask you for details about your project, such as what you need or what results you are looking for. This is how he will be able to truly identify your needs and create a design that meets your expectations for your home.


The designer will be able to develop a visual direction, a concept, a style that you had in mind and will intervene throughout the creation process and its realization

The interior designer will use all the ideas you submit to create an original and unique concept for your home renovation project. In other words, he is able to combine your proposals, however different they may be, to develop a uniform concept for the entire house. As a result, they will also be able to provide you with sound advice throughout the process.

Thanks to the plans, elevations and perspective renderings, the designer can help you visualize the projected result

These visual tools will facilitate the confirmation of your choices and will allow you to be sure of the direction to take and to follow throughout the work.

In a field such as interior design, plans, perspective renderings and sampling choices are essential to have a global idea of the expected result. Thanks to these tools and documents, it will be possible to confirm more easily and convincingly the direction of the concept established by the professional and to adjust if necessary certain elements, colors, choice of materials in order to meet all the needs and expectations.


These documents will save a lot of time, as much for the research of materials as for the understanding of the result sought by the builders of the project

These documents also contain the details of your project. They make it easier to identify all the materials and accessories needed and to evaluate the quantity to be ordered for its realization. This makes it possible to efficiently find all the suppliers needed to complete the project. These visual representations and information also allow the workers to better understand the desired result, and thus to carry out work up to your expectations in the shortest possible time.

Finally, calling on an interior designer guarantees your satisfaction on all levels: the visual rendering, the quality of execution according to the established budget

Being constantly on the lookout for new trends and innovations on the market, the residential interior designer is in the best position to provide you with the right products that will contribute to the success of your project

Through his research work and a global vision, the interior designer must constantly update himself on the trends and innovations of the market. This is indeed what allows him to create original concepts adapted to the needs. As a result, it has a wide range of good quality products and accessories. This is how he is able to recommend those who will allow you to create the concept that you have imagined together and will therefore contribute to the success of your project.

Being in close contact with several representatives and professionals of all trades, the residential interior designer is in the best position to solicit qualified and professional personnel who will be able to carry out a meticulous work at the best price

An experienced professional designer has had the opportunity to work with many trusted suppliers and subcontractors in the construction and interior design industry. This is how he can recommend competent, qualified and serious personnel who will be able to carry out work up to your expectations while offering the best rates.

The interior designer will be able to pass on his discounts on materials by having access, thanks to his professional status, to additional discounts

The interior designer usually receives additional discounts on materials from the suppliers he or she works with, due to his or her professional status. By entrusting your project to him, you can also benefit from these advantages and thus make interesting savings.

Knowledge of products, suppliers, craftsmen and labor will give you the best value for your money with the assurance of better results


In conclusion, for the most satisfying and exceptional results, there are several indispensable advantages that give reason to deal with a good interior designer from the beginning of the conception of your next residential renovation project.

Whether it’s for a high-end kitchen transformation project, a bathroom, a penthouse, a loft, a major residential renovation, a house extension or a new construction, we invite you to contact moodesign to discuss it in more detail.

Therefore, by entrusting your new residential renovation project to the interior design firm moodesign, you will be entitled to a competent service and will be most satisfied with the result.

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