Design club
Interior Design Night Club

6000 Boulevard De Rome
Quartier Dix-30
Brossard, QC, J4Y 0B6

As for the interior design of the layout of one of the most popular nightclubs in greater Montreal. In this regard, the renowned Radio Lounge in the Dix30 district in Brossard. In fact, a realization of moodesign, interior designer night club radio lounge. In short, a retro-futuristic curved design that goes hand in hand with the oval shape of the basic room. In addition, the use of red and black as “in” colors for the first “glamor” effect and spectacularly hot show!

First by a Catwalk on a long bar counter serving both for fashion shows and stage for musicians. as well as a private room with shower for an intimate spectacle. But also with a perimeter of the large hall invested with semi-circular benches on a podium for a bird’s-eye view of the action of the ” dance floor ”. But again with 360 degree wall projections serving as a background to the dance space.

Finally, by a private bar section on the mezzanine with dj boot and tables lounge section for VIP

All in all, a now bygone era that has marked the south shore of Montreal.