Sushi specialty restaurant

Japanese restaurant design

5751 boulevard Gouin O
Montreal QC H4J 1E2

Phone 514 903-2929



Here is the Japanese restaurant Zenbu Sushi, creation of the commercial designer moodesign, located in Montreal.

The firm offers an interior design concept for a sushi restaurant in a modern and refined style. The result is a warm and friendly atmosphere for the whole family. There is a private section with two tatami mats. As well as a large sushi bar to get a closer look at the sushi masters at work.

For the interior design of an Asian Japanese sushi restaurant. You will be more than satisfied with moodesign ‘s extensive experience as an Asian restaurant designer. The latter will undoubtedly create a tailor-made quality design for you, made possible by its developed sense of aesthetics. In addition, its attentive and personalized service will meet your precise vision of the project as well as your desired functional needs. Have a good design visit!