A well-designed commercial space attracts more customers, and could thus indirectly influence the number of sales, and therefore the turnover. Hiring a qualified and competent professional to do the work is a worthwhile investment in the long term. Then discover the essential elements that a good interior designer of commercial development projects must master.

Know how to create a unique and original custom design that will set you apart from the competition

Competition can be tough in the business world. It is therefore important to stand out from the crowd in order to attract customers’ attention and build loyalty. That’s why space planning plays a key role in the success of a store. Therefore, the professional in charge of the project must be able to create a personalized, unique and original design. To do this, he must master the following criteria.

Properly address the target audience, the product being sold and the target market

The design of a commercial space must above all be adapted to the target clientele and the target market. For example, the design of a luxury boutique will be different from that of an ordinary clothing store. The decorative elements, the furniture and their arrangement will not be the same.

Furthermore, the environment must reflect and enhance the products sold. A good interior designer will know how to determine which items to display in the window and arrange them in a harmonious and attractive way to attract the attention of the target audience. In short, it is able to create a representative place of services offered in an attractive way in which customers feel comfortable, can easily access the products they are interested in and are thus more willing to buy.

Innovate by responding to specific needs, but also by going beyond the framework

A good interior designer must be able to design the commercial space based on the specific needs of his client. In other words, the decorative objects and furniture chosen must correspond specifically to the theme and values conveyed by the company: organic, natural, luxury, friendly or cosy.

However, originality is an important asset in the business sector. Therefore, the professional must also be able to conceive an innovative design, sometimes even daring, which goes beyond the framework, while respecting the main idea. The goal is to stand out from the competition by adding a little innovation to the classic standards.

Be able to design all types of projects

A good commercial interior designer must also be able to design a variety of projects. Here are some examples.

Fitting out of festive and dinatory gathering place in restoration: bar, club, restaurant, café, lounge…

In the restaurant business, you have to take into account several elements such as the quality of the furniture, the lighting, the decorations or the accessibility to the bar, the cash register and the toilets. Tables should also be set far enough apart to allow for easy circulation and to ensure that customers can maintain their privacy. Finally, you must of course take into account the theme and style conveyed.

Fitting out of retail spaces such as stores, grocery stores, shopping centers, eyewear stores, showrooms…

The interior designer must ensure that the products sold are clearly visible and accessible to all. It is also important to arrange the shelves by theme so that customers can quickly find the items they are looking for. Finally, make sure that there is enough free space to facilitate the circulation within the store.

Development of a business offering specialized services such as hairdresser, barber, beauty salon, massage salon, spa

Here, it is important to ensure the comfort and well-being of customers by opting for appropriate furniture and decoration that promotes relaxation. The designer must also think of an optimal layout for the furniture so that the personnel can circulate and carry out their tasks without constraints.

Development of a business offering medical services such as dentist, veterinarian, various clinics

The designer must ensure that the waiting room is welcoming, friendly, safe and comfortable. It is also important that professional offices and patient rooms are well laid out to facilitate care, examination, monitoring and communication.

Lodging facilities such as hotels, motels and reception areas such as public space lobbies

In this case, the goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for visitors to feel at ease. To do this, you must take into account the size of the space, the colors, the furniture and the lighting.

Development of entertainment facilities such as recreation center, climbing, children’s games

In an entertainment venue, everything must be secure and easily accessible. Also, it is sometimes useful for parents to be able to watch their children from a seat a little further away. In short, space management is the most important aspect of this type of project.

Fitting out of workplaces such as offices

For such a project, it is important to design a friendly and comfortable place where workers feel free and comfortable to increase their productivity. It is also possible to incorporate some decorative objects to create a warm and motivating family environment.

Regardless of the size or importance of the project: always know how to offer attentive and personalized service, listening to the needs and expectations of the client and his customers

In the end, the greatest qualities of a good designer are the ability to listen, the ability to analyze and creativity. This is how he can create a unique, original and personalized commercial space while taking into account the needs and expectations of his clients, regardless of the size and importance of the project.

Therefore, by entrusting your new commercial development project to the interior design firm moodesign, you will be entitled to a competent service and will be most satisfied with the result.

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